Introducing Clarke's.

In the year 1843 Charles Dickens published A Christmas Carol; Mendelssohn wrote his famous Wedding March; Wagner's opera, The Flying Dutchman, was first performed; Sir Henry Cole commissioned the first Christmas card; Brunel's tunnel under the River Thames in London opened; John Curwen published his Tonic Sol-fa; Nelson's column was erected in Trafalgar Square and in a tiny, far from famous, village in Suffolk England, Robert Clarke made his inspired musical invention.

And a new word, TINWHISTLE, was coined.

The Celtic Tinwhistle

One cannot hear a slow air played with depth of feeling on a Tinwhistle by a true Celt without being drawn into, and sharing, the emotions expressed by the player.

Each of the Celtic nations has it's own instrumental tradition and each claim their right to specific instruments. The Scots will assert that the bagpipes are their national property; the Welsh the harp. The Irish claim the Uillean pipes as their own. One instrument played by all, and adopted by all is the Tinwhistle.

Model: CWD

Price (RRP): £7.99


The Original Tinwhistle

The favourite music instrument of distinguished tinwhistle players ever since 1843, this Clarke Tinwhistle can be considered the Stradivarius of tinwhistles.

The instrument is still made of tin-plate with a wooden plug in the mouthpiece. Delicate operations still continue to be done by hand and, most importantly, Robert Clarke's traditional conical bore has been retained to give the instrument its unique sound, called “chiff”, and no other tin whistle has the same degree of "chiff" as a Clarke.

Model: CDDC, CDCC, OBD15, OBC15

Price (RRP): £189.99


The Sweetone Tinwhistle

After 150 years of continued production of the famous Original Tinwhistle, in 1996 the company produced a brand new type of Tinwhistle, the SWEETONE.

This was the first conical bore Tinwhistle to be made with a plastic mouthpiece, handmade in the U.K. using quality raw materials; the mouthpiece is moulded using ABS PC blend, this combined with modern technology and our traditional workmanship gives it a clear and accurate tone, an ideal Tinwhistle for the professional player and the enthusiastic amateur.

Available in six great colours and comes with our attractive custom made pouch.

Model: SDU24N

Price (RRP): £159.99


The MEG Tinwhistle

In 1843 Robert Clarke invented the tinwhistle. The first ones that he manufactured were called Megs.

Meg is the Victorian word for a halfpenny and that is precisely what Robert's tinwhistle cost to buy. In making such an inexpensive real musical instrument, Robert brought affordable music to the masses and, in no time, his instruments were becoming available world-wide.

Now, in a way, the Clarke Company is making History repeat itself. We have started manufacturing a new tinwhistle that we have called the Meg.

Model: RTM24, MND12

Price (RRP): £59.99 - £119.99


The Clarke Pro-Kazoo

The Clarke Pro-Kazoo is made from 100% selected tinplate and finished in either natural Silver or Gold lacquer.
It has a threaded cap and neck for easy tuning and together with a natural skin membrane it produces a clear and big sound that musicians will love.

A Kazoo produces a pleasant 'buzzing' sound when you hum, sing or speak into it. The quality of the sound is very much dependant on the standard of the player, if you can sing or hum in tune - then you can play the Kazoo. A Kazoo is a member of the 'Membranophone' musical classification which is in the percussion instruments as the sound is created through a stretched membrane. This is broken down again into a sub category known as 'Merlitons'. The sound being created by a vibrating membrane.


Price (RRP): £79.99


The Clarke Harmonica

The Clarke 10 hole blues harmonica comes in the key of 'C', it features brass and silver alloy reeds, on 0.1mm brass plates and with an 8mm premium ABS comb. The covers are of 0.4mm stainless steel with an electro plated gold finish with fancy engraving.

All this combines to provide a quality harmonica with a great sound and unbeatable value. Each Harmonica is attractively gift packaged in a tube with a history and information sheet. Cleaning cloth also included.

Model: CVH

Price (RRP): £249.99


The Clarke Tinwhistle Story DVD

James Galway introduces the dramatised rags-to-riches story of Suffolk born musician and farm labourer Robert Clarke, who in 1843 walked to Manchester, built a successful tin whistle factory, and eventually returned in triumph to his village, buying the house of the squire who sacked him.

The DVD features renowned International tin whistle players including Bill Ochs (USA), Robert Sithole (South Africa) and Mary Bergin (Ireland). It includes more than 45 minutes of audio extras and slide shows.

This Region 0 DVD is PAL and can be played on all computers in all territories.

Price (RRP): £21.99


Clarke Tinwhistle Pouch

This attractive custom made pouch is individually hand sewn and crafted from a good quality dark brown leather look PU material. Gold finished press button closure and embossed with Clarke logo suitable for both C & D Whistles.

Model: Pouch-C, Pouch-D

Price (RRP): £3.49