Introducing brand Furch.

Our History

The first guitar to appear with the Furch brand name on the headstock was built in 1981 and was the product of a small unofficial ‘garage’ company, in what was then Czechoslovakia. At that time the communist regime disallowed all private enterprise, but founder František Furch’s insatiable desire for all things musical, forced his pursuits underground. His first instrument was made much earlier – while still a teenager – and consisted of an old drum body turned into a banjo.

Our instruments in detail.

Millennium Series

Furch Millenium series. All guitars used solid top and solid wood back and sides. Available body shapes are Superjumbo, Dreadnought, Roundshoulder Dreadnought, Grand Auditorium, Orchestra, OO and OOO.

Bluegrass SERIES

Vintage Series offers great value for money with no compromise on sound. The South American Mahogany back and sides produce a clear bass tone while the Sitka Spruce top gives the instrument a well-balanced sound.

Baritone SERIES

Furch Baritone is something every guitar player should have in their stable. Baritones offer a great way to introduce some new inspiration in your playing, or even just spicing up your old repertoire, all day.

So, how do we make our guitars?

Take a look in the factory and see how our guitars are built in this short video.

Our featured artists.


Adrian Belue


Calum Graham


Ian Yvese


Michal Leicht

Sound samples of our guitars.