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Our History

Since 1857, HOHNER has been crafting the highest quality musical instruments in the World. We make harmonicas, accordions, melodicas, recorders, guitars and ukuleles to name a few.

The German Harmonica and Accordion Museum in Trossingen, which houses the famous HOHNER collection, is quite simply unique and tells the HOHNER history like no one else.

Our instruments in detail.


Every HOHNER accordion is the result of over 100 years of experience in the design, construction and manufacture of high quality bellows-driven instruments. Painstaking craftsmanship and the selection of the finest materials guarantee a consistently high standard of production  “Top quality made in Germany”.

Hohner Guitars

When learning to play the guitar, a well built, good sounding, and easily playable instrument is key. For more than 30 years, Hohner guitars have been used to teach the joy of music every day in schools and conservatories. The Hohner HC Classical Series has become a de-facto standard for guitar students in countries worldwide.

Hohner Harmonicas

For over 150 years HOHNER has been producing musical instruments with the highest level of quality possible. Traditional craftsmanship and know-how based on decades of experience, combined with state-of-the-art production technology ensures that we will be able to maintain our high standard for the future.


Hohner Melodicas

Melodicas from the market leader. Handy, elegantly proportioned instruments with a sound of their own, Hohner melodicas have enjoyed great popularity for nearly years. 

Hohner Recorders

With decades of experience and skilled craftsmanship, HOHNER´s designing engineers and product managers strive for improvements in sound and playability.


The Harmonica Masters Workshop

The Harmonica Masters Workshops have been taking place in Trossingen since 2003. Initiated by musical director Steve Baker, with world-class instructors and a full supporting program of sessions and concerts, they are now regarded as the leading educational event for blues harmonica in Europe.

Our featured artists.


AJ Castillo


Alex Rossi


Joe Marhofer


Nathalie Bernat

Other videos from Hohner.