Handcrafted European String Musical Instruments.

Our History

Kremona’s history starts near the beginning of the 20th century, by a man named Dimitar Georgiev. 

Mr. Georgiev began his career as a journeyman gunsmith. He soon became a master, designing and building his own machine guns that he felt were mechanical art pieces. 

Our instruments in detail.

Artist Series

The Artist Series Guitars are handcrafted entirely of solid, carefully selected tone woods from all over the world. Each guitar has a unique and striking timbre, ranging from the highly traditional to the tastefully exotic. 

Performer Series

The electric-acoustic Performer Series is designed for players demanding handcrafted tradition and the option to plug in and be heard from the stage. Each Performer ships with a Fishman Classic 3 or Prefix Pro Blend pick-up system.

Soloist Series

The perfect handcrafted student guitar lines are available in 65, 64, 63, 62, 61, 58, 56, 53, 51, 48, 44 cm scales. Our solid top guitars offer punch, projection and playability. Serious entry-level nylon string guitars, custom-sized for ages six to sixty. 

Exploring Kremona in Bulgaria

Adapted from a Bulgarian television celebration of Kremona's 90th year in the lutherie arts, this video takes you through the company's unique history and into the modern day factory, expressing Kremona's mission in bringing European craftsmanship to market for musicians around the world.

Our featured artists.


Lulo Reinhardt


Mark Ballas


Ron Jackson


Scott Paul Graham

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