About Madarozzo.

Madarozzo is introducing it’s exciting Couturier Collection of musical instrument gig bags. Spotting a niche in the market, the company founder Martin Ritter’s in-depth knowledge of the industry led him to launch his innovative brand Madarozzo in 2007.

The Madarozzo Couturier Collection is a premier range of individually designed musical instrument bags that offers the discriminating player a fusion of fashion design, functionality, quality and instrument protection. Madarozzo has capitalised on Martin’s unique heritage of innovative design, marketing and manufacturing know-how.


The MADEssential™ Gig Bag Couture, the ideal choice for the Student Player. Its unique styling, colours, functionality and features make this range the 'must have' gig bags for budget buyers.

Models: G001 (Unpadded), G003 (3mm padded), G008 (8mm padded), G016 (16mm padded)

Price (RRP): £7.99 - £28.99



The MADElegant™ Gig Bag Couture a stunning fusion of design, functionality and instrument protection for the discerning musician. The MADElegant™ range is available for all standard shapes and the much more exotic shapes such as V-Shape, EX-Shape, Headless and many more.

Models: G0010 (Unpadded), G0020 (3mm padded), G0030 (8mm padded), G0050 (16mm padded)

Price (RRP): £8.99 - £68.99



The MADEdu™ Gig Bag Couture combining practical features, traffic safety and sporty looks. Ideal bags for School! Either side of the neck features a long, zipped pocket for ergonomically weight distribution. The front of the bag bears a large headstock pocket, as well as pocket for music sheets and reflective applications.

Models: G0012 (20mm padded)

Price (RRP): £19.99 - £34.99



The MADElite™ Gig Bag Couture offers outstanding protection and attention to detail. Designed for the discerning musician who does not want to make a compromise between instrument protection, design and practicality.

Models: G0060 (30mm padded)

Price (RRP): £69.99



The MADEnergetic™ Gig Bag Couture a totally unique range of Super High-end Gig Bags offering a perfect balance of striking looks, features and instrument protection.

Models: G0070 (40mm padded)

Price (RRP): £99.99 - £109.99