Little Lady by Hohner

Hohner have introduced a small range of Collector’s Edition and limited harmonicas, all featuring a transparent ABS comb.


Little Lady Anniversary Release

On December 16th 1965, the HOHNER Little Lady became the very first musical instrument in history to be played in outer space. Walter Schirra, commander on board the Gemini 6, surprised Mission Control with the Christmas tune “Jingle Bells”.

With this limited Collector’s Edition Hohner commemorate the 50th anniversary of this remarkable occasion. The smallest harmonica in the world now comes with a necklace and transparent comb.

This special event in history marks the success of the harmonica being the easiest musical instrument to take with you literally everywhere. 

In the year of this 50th anniversary HOHNER would like to honour and give thanks to everybody who has taken the harmonica a few steps further out into the world and spread the joy of music.