Ozzy’s Scream featuring Sustainer

Ozzy Osbourne released his latest album, Scream, in June and it quickly rose to number 12 in the UK albums chart and number four on the US Billboard 200 chart. A 2CD Deluxe limited edition album, exclusive to the UK, was released on 18th September to celebrate the return of Ozzfest to the UK.

The album was produced by Kevin Churko who had previously worked on the Black Rain album. It is the first album to feature guitarist Gus G who replaced Ozzy long-term guitarist Zakk Wylde in 2009. Notwithstanding the change of guitarist, the album is liberally sprinkled with Fernandes Sustainer, which was a stand-out feature of Black Rain.

Producer Kevin Churko stated, “Once again, the Fernandes Sustainer came through big time on the Scream. It’s all over the record, sometimes sounding like strings, sometimes a keyboard and sometimes just plain old guitar.”

The Fernandes Sustainer is available ready installed into certain Fernandes guitars and also available as a kit to be retro-fitted into customers’ existing instruments.