This is Sonor Drums

1875 - 2017. Celebrating 142 years.

For decades SONOR has supported the constant improvement of percussion instruments on a scientific level. The close cooperation with research institutes, renowned musicologists and leading artists builds the basis for these efforts. Several groundbreaking developments were made possible by these mutual activities. An example is the optimization of the resonance properties of drum shells. In the area of mallet instruments, vibraphones, metallophones and glockenspiels SONOR has introduced major improvements in quality standards. Also concert and marching percussion instruments have seen considerable further developments.

So, what's in the Sonor range?

Ascent Force

The SONOR Ascent series marks the revival of the famous Beech shell construction that has been a trademark of SONOR throughout the decades. The Ascent series is the perfect symbiosis between the Select Force and ProLite series of Drum sets.

Essential Force

The SONOR Essential Force series is designed for advanced drummers not willing to sacrifice their musical freedom. Five preconfigured sets and 12 individual components offer unlimited possibilities for a drummer’s individual configuration.


Select Force

The SONOR Select Force series is the pinnacle of the new Force range. The Select series is a set for every drummer: designed especially for advanced and semi-professional drummers, Select Force Drum sets can also be an interesting alternative for professional drummers.

Smart Force

The SONOR Smart Force series – designed especially for beginners at an uncompromisingly attractive price. Extremely interesting for all up-and-coming rockers, jazz cats, enthusiasts of metal or the blues …or any drummer who’s looking for a Drum set that is sturdy, yet versatile.

Our Sonor Product of the Month

As a dealer, you'll receive 5% off

Every month, here at Sutherland Trading, we carefully decide which one of our Sonor drum kits makes it as our Product of the Month. This time around, we have the Select Force Jungle Set. Normally £299.99 - this month we offer for £284.99, exclusively to our dealers!

The standard Select Force series bass drum ships with a mount. The inner workings of the mount are built for a strong and secure base; thanks to a smooth yet firm application of pressure. Rubber padding beneath the bass drum claws protects the wooden hoop against damage. Position clamps (Memory Locks) ‘remember’ your preferred bass drum spur height. The bass drum feet can be converted from rubber to metal by turning the rubber foot. Fixing the position by a fastening screw. Pre-muffled batter and resonance heads on the bass drum provide ‘allround’ powerful sounds and dynamic ‘kicks’. SONOR heads made by REMO. The SONOR Select Force tuning lugs with fine-pitch threads are equipped with the TuneSafe feature, which prevents tension rods from loosening.